At NileTechno we create easy-to-use, client-server and web-based software that helps small and mid-sized businesses improve their workflow so they save time and make more money.
Our company was founded by a team of technology leaders with many years of experience developing applications that are built for small and medium sized business.

Our Company Values

These are the core values that make up our company culture.

Simpler Is Better

We know that making things simple requires a lot of thought and discipline and we are willing to go the extra mile to do this.

Great Innovative Products Are Key To A Great Business

Designing and building great products, that customers love, is at the heart of our business!

Great People Make A Great Company

We know that great people make a great team and great teams can overcome huge obstacles. We work hard to find the best team members to join our company and work equally hard to provide a challenging and rewarding environment to motivate and bring out the best in them.

Listening To Customers

We are students of "customer development" and "market validation" and use these practices to guide our product and business strategy. We know that making customer friendly / customer cantered decisions pays off with loyalty, growth, and long term profits.

Small, Focused Teams, Keep Us Agile

We believe that a small group of passionate people can deliver extraordinary results. We believe in focus and know we can only do a few things really, really well.

We do the Right Thing Because It's Good For Business

When faced with tough situations, we always do the right thing because it's good for business, and we feel better doing it.