Human Resource

· The possibility of make functional bases for each company, according to its own list (Absence - Delay – Overtime – Permission - Vacations )

· The possibility of applying more than one base to calculate the extra delays and separate staff to these rules. For example, it is possible to apply the rules to attend the departure of managers and other rules by hours or by days for the staff, and so


The system will build your organization structure in this menu. You can enter your departments, administrations, sectors, and jobs. Then you are ready to enter your employees.

Attendance Review (Manually)

User enters the main data regarding each employee, all the data like absence, permissions, delay, and overtime. System will calculate the each information by minutes and you can setup the right rule for your organization to calculate the right payroll.

Attendance Review (Auto)

· System can gather the data finger print two ways, network connect or from a downloaded log file. Therefore, system can automatically create the absence and delay and overtime record. In addition, the system gives you ability to control this data and Credence the data first.

Import attendance files from any external device e.g. (Txt or Card Readers or Finger print reader )

Calculate Salary (Payroll)

System support loans and installment depend on the salary of each employee and it will be deducted automatically from his monthly salary

Calculate and print salary


Like the same application in our ERP, the system provide many customized report with all criteria, but the really challenge we support is to create a data in report machine we called it a Cube report.

Each node in the report has many child reports as use can see in the figure