When the waiter finish taking the order it will be appear n the kitchen machine to tell the chef to begin prepare the order. When the chef close the order, means it is ready to be served, so it will begin to appear in the serve screen to tell the waiter to come in ge it then derliver it to the client.

Waiter application (Android)

Login screen

Main screen in which waiter can see the tables, green light means the table is empty. Red one means occupied.

After the waiter opens a table he can begin add, edit or delete the items on the table. When he finish he can send the item to the kitchen so the chief begin cocking it.

In addition, the waiter can order printing the receipt from the android smart phone.

Here the waiter can select the item (food), he can also enter additions with any recipe like more cream, double cheese, double chocolate… etc. this will affect the recipe consuming and the value of the receipt as well.