Warehouse Inventory System

Inventory System (Warehouse)

Inventory management is vitally important for any business that sells a physical product. An inventory system must balance having enough inventories on hand to meet the demand of customers while investing as little money as possible in inventory. Perishable products add another dimension of management considerations because they must be cycled through the inventory system more quickly and stored in a way that preserves their value.


Registration menu contains the forms that can be used to enter his lookup and main data of the customer (Customers, Items, Salesmen, Cities, Regions …. etc.)

Items registration form, Item can be categorized by groups and subgroups.

Items car is another type of items.

· Inventory program provides up all warehouse and administrative transactions ( purchases , rebounds purchases, sales and sales returns )

  • Multiple Units of Measurement

Use multiple units of measurement, e.g. buy by the case, track inventory by the piece, and sell by the dozen.

  • Barcode

Use barcode scanners to manage your inventory more quickly and accurately. It is compatible with most barcode scanners you can plug into your computer.

  • Multiple Store

· Track inventory in multiple stores. Each item has a separated stock in each store. Each store is working in a separated branch.

  • Branches

You can assign for each item in the inventory which branch it belongs to. You can select one branch or many branches for the same item. Item could not be found while user is working in branch not assign to.


  • Invoices transactions

System support the main functionality of inventory system tem like purchase, sales , sales and return. Each invoice will validate the stock before creating any invoice; your stock will be all the time under control.

· Validation Stock

Some transaction like selling has to check on the stock. System will stop the user to sell none exist quantity that is for sure to stop minus stock.

· Validation Price

System will stop the user to sell any item that it’s price lower than it is cost. Some clients should do this like sell an item lower than it is cost or even by zero like a bounces to reward their clients so we are using this as an setting and super user can change it to allow

· Validation control

Each control has a special validation to be empty or unique.

  • Multiple reports

System allow use to print multiple invoice in the same time. Client may be have many style form of the invoice like one he will keep it in his inventory and one will be send to the supplier. User can add unlimited reports so when he is printing the invoice he will choose one or many invoice to be printed.

  • Exporting report

The system using the SAP crystal report that allows the user to export the report to multiple format such as excel , word , CSV, PDF and email .

  • Car transaction

System supports all cars or truck inventory process like uploading a car, car sales, and car clearance.

The system invents to use a car like store. Car while traveling is like a moving store , it has stock and the stock changes with every process. Manager can get the stock of the truck any time

· Store Trans

In case any mistake regarding packaging, storing, or even user rule system allows some features to let the use re-control his inventory stock.

Like lose some package or damage.

Those transactions will under control and manager can control all the transaction.

As the system has stores, so it was necessary to let the use transfer between those stores. The store stock is under control all the time.

  • Full Movement History

Get a full history of any inventory movements or adjustments to track down any problems or theft.

Financial Department

Every invoice is money, not only stock. System must track the value of the invoices as same as stock.

By many superb forms the system allow use to manage your cashbox regarding every transaction with invoice, customer or supplier.

Financial department


Manage tour check

Manage the bills, you can have guarantors to support your bill and change your bill to be paid monthly and calculate with time the paid from bill.


System allows the manager to review every transaction and posting it.

System can follow the stock of the items with all transaction happen on this item depend on many criteria

System can print customer label card .

System can print items shelf card to be used in the super market for the shelves

Alternatively, print the Item barcodes


Manager can post the invoices, which mean update the invoice to closed invoice so it could not be changed. Post it financially

Post invoices

Post invoice into account system, transfer the value to noted in the General ledger module

Post Expenses