General Ledger

General Ledger Accounting

The general ledger is the main accounting record for a business and it is based on double-entry bookkeeping. All transactions are posted to a business's general ledger and the double-entry system ensures that the general ledger is always in balance. The balance sheet and income statement are derived from the general ledger and are central to the accounting activities of any business.

NileTechno makes setting up and maintaining a general ledger easy. NileTechno automatically posts transactions to the appropriate account in the general ledger and updates the financial statements for you. It does this work behind the scenes to save you time and improve accuracy. If something is entered incorrectly and a transaction is out of balance, NileTechno instantly alerts you so that you can take action. Maintaining the general ledger has never been easier.

The System helps bookkeepers and accountants save time. It does all necessary calculations for you, such as totaling expenses and revenue and calculating income. You can prepare up-to-date financial reports and financial statements in minutes. Simply choose from over 60 included report templates and NileTechno will populate the report with your data. Print or email reports in a few clicks.

With The system, you can locate a specific transaction that needs further investigation in seconds. NileTechno even makes it fast to track uncollectible accounts. Simply run the Accounts Receivable Aging Summary Report and all overdue accounts are listed and at your fingertips.


Regestration menue where the manger will build has account tree.

In Account setting form the manager will assign which account will be the collector for the main transaction in the inventrory (warehouse) syste. Where each transaction value will be added after posting.

System supports unlimited currencies. Each currency you entered you assign the it’s rate to your locak currency. Account department can change the rate any time. The old transacions will not affect by the new price of the foreign currency.

The Account department in your organization can build the accoun tree

Ordering the accounts will be helpful for report view , so system provide a full screen for ordering the accounts tree.

Cost center is strongly required for mageing your account system. Each cost center will have a seprated collective account.

Each account can be related to a branch or more. System will hide the account in any branch which not related to. You can not do any transaction on a hidden account which not related to your current branch.


In the entries menu the accountants will enter the transactions in/out to the organization accounts

Each record in the entry will be assigned as credit or debit. You can be related each record with one or more cost center.

Pay Instrument is another transaction in the accounts.

System supports In/Out cash and as well as the all entries, it can be related to a cost center.

Each transaction has the same restriction to have the same credit and debit values.

Account department manager can review all types of the entries.

Transactions (Cash and Bank)

System will crate onshot a grafical interface for selected data and print it.


One of the most power roles in GL module that it is managing Assests.

Adding your organization’s assets to the system. You can categorize it by group and sub group.

Assign for each asset who is the employee that responsible for this assets. Additions add the place of the asset.

After creating an asset you will be ready to manage your asset by adding the data how you will consume that asset and what is the it’s age. In case you can exclude the asset and closing its account. Easily you can calculate the yearly depreciation of your assets.


System provides you strong poweful reports sucbh as:

System supports the same criteria setting in the framework reports like saving criterias and filtering by branch.

Reports regarding the trial bralance.

Statement of each (all) accounts.

Financial reports.

System create the same staistics reports which is provided in the framework.