POS system has multiple levels of service to harmonize all outlets like super Markets or clothing stores, lotions etc.


Registration forms like Items and customers in the Inventory module.


In the POS menu, you can add promotions.

System facilitates the discount promotion idea. Manger can create a promotion, add any items under that promotion, and assign the time or quantity.

Manger can check the status of each promotion in any time, what is already bought under that promotion.

POS Data Utility

For any reason you can easily print any old POS receipt , you can filter by terminal or receipt number or dater period.

Easily in any time the manager can check the POS machine that is exist in the network. The linked POS machine will be highlighted by green color. Manager can check the current amount of money in the POS machine.

Use who is working in Each POS will be responsible for it and for the money. Each shift the manager will received the money he collected it. In addition, transfer it to another.

You can click Query to check the money in the POS until that moment or click inventory to collect the money and transfer it to the main server.

Thant can happen any time during the shift, but we recommend to be in always in the end of the shift.

Manager can review any POS receipt (sales/Return) and reprint it. System supports many ways of criteria to filter the receipts.


· You can follow all the transactions that occur during the point of sale even varieties that have been deleted from the receipt before payment.

· Delivery Service to homes and you can refer to any receipt to see the details and print at any time.

· You can print items and prices to be glued to the shelves of goods to allow the consumer to know the selling price of each product that can be used through a mobile phone that supports Android.

· Recording more than barcode per class with the possibility of placing a product code quick to call items easily.

· Cashier cannot decrease quantity, make returns, or change anything without permissions.

· You can print varieties internal numbers of Bar codes to facilitate the process of direct sales to the public or the consumer.

· In the case of power off for the device and there is open receipt was not closing when the power is on again the screen opens on this receipt.